BOOK – Radiotelegraph and Radiotelephone Codes, Prowords and Abbreviations   By John Alcorn VK2JWA

This book is available as a free download for personal use only, by courtesy of the author, approx 7.5 Mb pdf format. Extracts may be published provided attribution is given.  The document must not be made available for download on any website or other medium.

MMSSTV – the help menu as a pdf    (assembled by Chris VK2ACD)

The excellent MMSSTV, by Makito Mori, seems to be the go-to  program for transmission and reception of SSTV images.  There are quite a lot of settings and options in the program, some of them quite quirky. I cannot find a manual as a document. The usual answer is to go to the help menu, but you need then to open the program and then ideally see the help chapter while looking at the program window, but this seems impossible to do.

So I  have taken  the whole help contents and assembled them into a single pdf document. You can then view it on-screen alongside the program window (if you have a large monitor) or you can print the whole thing or part of it.  Download it here – MMSSTV help pdf format


Extracted from the AWA Wireless Weekly-  Download here (pdf file) – Aus and NZ ham calls 1926