The club runs courses for all 3 levels of Amateur Radio Licence – Foundation, Standard and Advanced. These take place at the clubrooms at Richmond Hill.


Foundation courses are the most in demand, and generally run over a weekend, with assessment taking place on the Sunday. The course is fairly intensive, and candidates are expected to obtain and study some recommended material in advance. Guidelines for this study will be sent to you once you have booked in for a course, or on request.

Most interest is in the Foundation Licence. This is the entry level for Ham Radio and gets you on the air quickly. This licence is proving popular with people touring, especially 4WD outback. The first step is to look at the website of the WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia).  All the basic info is there.


To get a Foundation licence you must pass a multiple-choice test and a practical examination. (see test hints download below)

A commnoly used reference is the WIA book shown above This is available by mail order.

You are strongly advised to study well in advance, so when you come to the course, you will already be familiar with much of the syllabus content. The Radio and Electronics School has comprehensive video courses for foundation and practical available on their site

Upcoming Courses



If interested contact the club committee by email

Advanced theory courses run 0900 to 1700 Monday to Thursday with revision, trial exams and the official exam on the Friday.
Standard theory courses run 0900 to 1700 Monday to Wednesday with revision, trial exams and the official exam on the Thursday.
Foundation courses run 0900 to 1700 on Saturday with revision and the official theory and practical exams on the Sunday.

Education Documents to Download

SARC Foundation Licence Training Weekend Guide DOWNLOAD HERE
Revision Notes for Foundation Licence Exam DOWNLOAD HERE

Multiple Choice Test Hints

Useful References

WIA Foundation manual.
A reference book that can cost about $40.00 posted from the WIA.  Not essential but worth a read.
RASA Welcome to Amateur Radio
A free publication from RASA.  Not a text book but good background material that helps bridge the gap between theory and practice.  Not essential but worth a read.
CARS Foundation course slides
The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society have produced an excellent set of Power Point slides that are free to download.  Not essential but worth a read.
No surprise that a UK amateur radio club produces learning material that is tailored to the UK.  Worth a look.  Don’t dive in too deep as the Australian syllabus and Australian regulations are similar but definitely different.  Have a look if you’re inclined and don’t be surprised when similar information appears during the course.  BTW, if you’re considering going further then the CARS Intermediate and Advanced slides are of value at the Australian Standard and Advanced levels.  But save that until after you’ve got the Foundation exam behind you.

Education Contacts

Education Officer

This position is vacant as at 23/7/2021.

AMC Amateur Radio Assessors

Duncan Raymont VK2DLR

Chris Meagher VK2ACD