Nets & Broadcasts

NOTE: All times are NSW time ( hours K, adjusted +1 [ L ] if Daylight Saving).
For more information about club nets and broadcast times
check in to one of the nets and say Gday.

Day Time Frequency Info
Mon – Fri 0630 3.604 MHz LSB HF Dawn Patrol Net – Chris VK4YE
 Mon  2000  146.8 MHz  Club info net – news, operations, events
Tues 2000 146.8 MHz then QSY Digital net – Paul VK2PMG
Wed 2000 438.675MHz Mt. Nardi repeater
Thurs 2000  147.250 MHz Temporary fill-in for the inactive 6m net
Fri  2000 146.8 MHz Friday night 2m net
Sun 0900 146.8 MHz WIA National news broadcast PRESENTLY NOT HAPPENING