Nets & Broadcasts

NOTE: All times are NSW time (  AEST = UTC + 10 hours, AEDT = UTC + 11 hours)
For more information about club nets and broadcast times
check in to one of the nets and say Gday.

Day Time Frequency Info
Mon – Thu

Mon – Thu



3.604 MHz LSB

7.115 MHz LSB

HF Dawn Patrol Net (Winter)

HF Dawn Patrol (Summer)
(NSW uses daylight saving time from 1st Sunday in October to 1st Sunday in April)

Fri 2000  3.604 MHz LSB Friday net – various net controllers
 Mon  2000  146.8 MHz 123 Hz tone
 Club info net – news, operations, events
Tues 2000 146.8 MHz then QSY as advised
Digital net – Paul VK2AMT
Wed 2000 438.675MHz Mt. Nardi repeater
Thurs 2000  147.250 + offset  53.550MHz  1MHz negative offset  123 Hz tone ‘Tribander’ net Starts on Woodburn 2m repeater 147.250 then QSY to 6m Lismore then to 70cm Mt.Nardi
Sun 0900 146.8 MHz WIA National news broadcast PRESENTLY NOT HAPPENING