Late this week we received the news that Geoff VK2WDD had passed away. Geoff had been cared for in Maranoa Alstonville after a debilitating stroke. During that time he tried to keep mentally active and involved in Amateur Radio at least at the listening level. Unfortunately the location and RF noise level in Geoff’s room and free access for nursing staff made this amateur radio activity very difficult. Eventually a failing body was no longer able to support his intelligent and thoughtful mind. 

Geoff was a product of an era when education was freely available and lifetime employment in a satisfying occupation was taken for granted. He always valued the gift of being born “at the right time and in the right place” and gave back to the Australian community for the opportunity to reap the rewards of hard work. The Evans Head Heritage Aviation Museum and SARC are just two organisations that have benefited from Geoff’s generosity over the years. An aging body may have reduced Geoff’s ability to contribute to SARC’s physical activities but he was a regular ‘home station’ supporter of VK2SRC Portable field day activities and often delivered the maximum points possible in these activities. Perhaps it’s best to sum up Geoff by paraphrasing the words on his QRZ.COM web page: 

“I don’t collect QSL cards; I try to collect friends” 

Rest at peace friend, thank you for the company along the way any thank you for helping us make this world a better place.

(written by VK2DLR)


The annual general meeting of Summerland Amateur Radio Club Inc. will be held on Sunday, February 9, 2020 1pm, at the clubrooms, 412 Richmond Hill Road, Richmond Hill, 2480. The business of the meeting will be –

To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting

To receive from the committee, reports on the activities of the association during the last financial year

To receive the financial statements and reports as required by the Act

To elect the office bearers and committee of the club

The AGM will be followed by a committee meeting. This meeting shall table any nominations received in writing for positions on sub-committees and other positions, including repeater sub-committee, education officer, assets and equipment registers, network and security website, librarian, property manager, clubrooms, newsletter editor, and public officer (by default – the elected Secretary). Nominations may also be received from the floor.

Nominations for office-bearers and committee members should be made on the official form, and must be submitted to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the date and time of the AGM. If there are no written nominations, then nominations may be received from the floor. Download the form here –


A reminder that club subscriptions were due on January 1.

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This year was the 80th anniversary of the establishment of ‘BAGS No.1’, the RAAF bombing and gunnery school set up to train personnel for overseas service in World War II.

This year a lot of the usual aircraft stayed away due to likely strong winds and rain. We set up the monitoring station on the Friday, and Saturday brought good crowds and about 15 aircraft, but not much flying. It was more of a drive-in than a fly-in. In the evening, the rain and strong winds came, and on Sunday there were very few visitors and most of the planes had left. So we packed up and left! Our systems had worked well, and an airband tuned coaxial dipole made by VK2ACD tested A-OK.

SES looking for communication specialists from SARC

Representatives of SES and SARC met recently to discuss a new SES unit to be formed on the Northern Rivers.  Rather than SARC members being recruited as message handling radio operators, this unit is looking for members who want to increase their technical knowledge and put their skills to good use.  SARC endorses this new concept and asks that any interested members check the details at the links below. Some of our members who have seen the letter are very interested.  If you decide to join, please let SARC know and we’ll put you in touch with other like minded individuals so you can support each other. SARC will not be formally involved with the unit but will support our members who join SES.


To renew or join, check here –


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