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SARC completes another Field Day operation

The club has completed a successful portable operation, from the usual location of Vista Point, west of Coffs Harbour.

View of the field station, looking north.

Graeme VK2QJ reports:

A quick summary and a few photos of VK2SRC’s portable activation of Vista Point for the Winter VHF UHF Field Day on 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm & 9cm.

Local activity was down compared to usual but we still managed a reasonable number of contacts with some good distances achieved. Final results yet to be confirmed as the log has to be compiled & cross checked but things look good.

Local contacts were made with several SRC members VK2AMT, VK2ACD, VK2XML & VK2AKK, also with Grafton Group members VK2BTS/P, VK2VL, VK2ZB/P and VK2ZVG, contacts & many VK4 stations.

Great to see a few local portable stations, well done Tony & Mark.

6m – 314km VK4CZ

2m – 393km VK4S

70cm – 300km VK4OE/P

23cm – 377km VK4UH/P

13cm – Nil contacts but could hear the beacon over 300km away

9cm – 305km VK4AFL

Thanks to all that made contact with VK2SRC portable during the event.

A special thanks to Graham VK2BWC for his assistance & supply of morning tea yummies.

The Weather was fine but a little chilly with overnight lows of -4c with a wind chill of -10c, if you look closely in the second photo you can see the frost on the ground.

Cheers Graeme VK2QJ.

The antenna arrays, 6m through to 9cm.

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