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The 2 metre repeater at Parrots Nest is available and the 70cm repeater is available too but the signal is a bit low. The 6 metre repeater is not available at present.

Once again, SARC members have been prominent in the winners list of the recently held John Moyle Memorial Field Day. The SARC Club Station, VK2SRC, won the 24 hour portable operation, multiple operator VHF bands section. Rhod VK2TTL won the 6 hour portable station, all band phone section. Paul VK2AMT won the 24 hour home station, all band phone section and Rob VK2ELH won the 24 hour home station VHF bands, phone section. Well done to all the winners.

A quote from the official announcement:

“MFJ is ceasing its on-site production in Starkville, Mississippi on May 17, 2024.  This is also the same for our sister companies’ Ameritron, Hygain, Cushcraft, Mirage and Vectronics.

We are going to continue to sell MFJ products past May 17, 2024.  We have a lot of stock on hand. We will continue to offer repair service work for out-of-warranty and in-warranty units for the foreseeable future”.

The Diamond W-735 is a dual band wire antenna covering 80 and 40 metres. The choke traps act as loading coils on 80 metres, shortening the antenna length on this band, thus making this antenna a good choice where space is limited. An inverted-V installation would make fitting into small yards even easier. Initial tests display a SWR figure that is easily within the 3:1 SWR range of transceiver antenna tuners. Some users have said that the bandwidth is a bit limited but that’s not surprising considering it is a wire antenna with traps or coils. The bandwidth is wide enough that satisfactory SWR can be achieved easily with any tuner. Tuning is performed by folding excess wire rather than cutting it. On 3.604, the SWR is 1.6, on 3.575 it is 1.11, on 7.100 it is 2.2. The quality of the parts is extremely high and the weather sealing of the coils is excellent. It has a 1:1 balun and a SO-239 socket. The power handling is 1.2kW PEP. This antenna has outperformed longer G5RV and OCF dipoles at my location, even at a modest 6m height. It’s an antenna which has me active on 80m in particular, so it’s a keeper. It could also be used as a portable antenna with a single pole, as an inverted-V.

de Paul VK2AMT


The Winter Field Day is just under a week away, VK2SRC will be braving the cold, operating portable from Vista Point QF69FU covering 6m through to 3cm (10ghz).

The Field Day runs from 11.00 Saturday 22nd until 11.00 Sunday 23rd June, with repeat contacts every 2 hour on each band.

Pat, Graham & Graeme plan to travel to the site Friday 21st and hope to be set up for testing on most bands Friday night.

Graeme will be operating 6m

50.150 – 50.200 USB (Primary 50.150)

52.150 FM on request

Pat will be operating 2m
144.150 – 144.200 USB  (Primary 144.150)
146.500 FM

Pat will be operating 70cm.
432.150 – 432.200 USB (Primary 432.150) 
439.000 FM

Graeme will also be operating 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm, and 3cm
1296.150-1296.200 USB, FM on request.  (Primary 1296.150)
2403.100 – 2403.200 USB 

3398.100 – 3398.200 USB
5760.100 – 5760.200 USB

10368.100 – 10368.200 USB

If you have a spare moment, jump on air and give us a call, hope to catch you though the event.

Cheers Graeme VK2QJ

Flu precautions : update 1 August

Please stay away if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms.

We are still asking people to sign in as they arrive, using the book on the table at the door. Use of hand sanitiser and social distancing are still sensible things to do.

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