The club is involved in variety of field operations, including community radio support and radio contests / field days.


Spring VHF/UHF Field Day

VK2SRC portable will be operational for the field day 27-28 November. The location is again at Vista Point, west of Coffs Harbour, a lookout spot high up in the Mt. Hyland Nature Reserve. The grid locator is QF69FU.

We plan to set up Friday afternoon & should be available for testing on most bands Friday night.  

The competition starts at 12.00 Saturday, finishing 12:00 Sunday, contacts can be made on each band & repeat contacts can be made, but seperated by 2 hours since the previous contact on that band.

Rules of the contest are here –

Graeme VK2QJ6mUSB50.150 – 50.200
6mFM52.150 on request
Pat VK2FAAD2mUSB144.150 – 144.200
2mFM146.500 – 144.550
Dave VK2CDG70cmUSB432.150 – 432.200
70cmFM439.000 – 439.050
Graeme VK2QJ23cmUSB1296.150 – 1296.200
23cmFMOn request
13cmUSB2400.100 & 2403.100 – 2403.200
9cmUSB3398.100 – 3398.200

Hope to hear you during the event, if you can spare a little time, give us a call & help make this a great & successful event.

Rules of the contest are here –