About the Club Library.

  • The library has an extensive holding of radio and electronics magazines and technical reference books.These have been donated to the club by members over many years. Please respect the efforts of those people, many who are now silent key: in particular, that of the club’s former librarian and local school teacher, the late Bill Cross, VK2WJC.
  • The SARC Librarian is VK2ELH Rob Gallagher
  • The library collection is stored at the clubroom. Items are NOT available for loan. If you want a copy of something, you can contact the librarian via email, and he will copy and forward it to you. We request a donation for this service,  which will be determined according to what is involved.
  • A facility is now available at the clubroom so you can scan pages and save to your thumb drive or CD.
  • Items MUST NOT be taken from the clubroom. The collection is too important to lose any part of it, no matter how good your intentions might be.

What’s in the Library

MAGAZINES: Sets of the following mags: Amateur Radio (WIA), Electronics Australia, Silicon Chip, Electronics Today International, Amateur Radio Action, Radio & Communications, Radio Mag. Also QST is being collected as the club is a member of the ARRL.

BOOKS: A range of technical books on radio and general electronics. Including monographs by ARRL and RSGB, with numerous works on valve radios and antennas. A range of educational material. Various radio operator manuals and service books. (A catalogue is yet to be established for books.)

CD’s and DVD’s: Material in this category is gradually being acquired and sorted. Most is aimed at radio education.

CALLBOOKS: WIA callbooks going back many years.

Amateur Radio Magazine holdings

1933-2006 PDF copies, these are high quality scans  by Will VK6UU, you can download directly  from the website https://www.armag.vk6uu.id.au/  There is also an excellent spreadsheet of articles on the site.

2006-present  Print copies, incomplete

Electronics Australia holdings

1998-2000 Complete except for the following

1998 Jan Apr May Sep Dec   1999 Jan Jun Nov Dec    2000 Jan Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Nov Dec

1966-1997 Complete except for 1974 Feb 1983 Apr 1984 Mar 1987 Jan Feb

Amateur Radio Action

Vol1 1978 to July 1995. Complete – Vols 2,4,5,6,7,8,11,12,14,16, 1995. Wanted – V1 – 4,6 V3 – 7,9,11,12. V9 – 2,7,10. V10 – 1,6,12. V13 – 3,5,7,9,13. V15-1.

Silicon Chip

1988 to 2015, with the following issues missing –

2002 Jan     2007 Apr Aug Oct     2011 Jul Sep Oct     2012 May Sept     2014  Feb July Aug Sept     2015 May July Dec

If you have any of the missing issues above, we would greatly appreciate donations.