While most members are licensed amateur radio operators, any person who has a bona-fide interest in radio or electronics can apply to join the club

Paper applications may be posted to the secretary, or submitted in person to a committee member.
The committee will then vote on your application at their next meeting. The easiest way to join, is to attend a monthly committee meeting, introduce yourself and complete the paperwork.
If you are voted in, then the appropriate subscription must be paid within one month.

There is a tear-off form for new membership / renewal on the 2023 brochure. You can post the form, bring it with you to the club, or scan it and send it with an email to the club address – . The brochure can be downladed here –



Subscriptions (fees) become due on January 1. If you haven’t renewed by April 1, your membership ceases.
You can renew in any of these ways –

 * By Direct Deposit  To Account Name SARC General,  BSB 728-728,  Account Number 25801032.
Ensure that you put in the reference: Subs (year) (your callsign or name)
This is the preferred method. Note: If you are a member of Summerland Credit Union, the 3 letter code for a transfer to SARC is SUM

* By Cheque  To The Secretary, Summerland ARC, 412 Richmond Hill Road, Richmond Hill, NSW 2480

* In person at the clubrooms.  Usually there will be someone to assist you on Sunday afternoons from 1300 hrs (1 pm), or at a monthly meeting (see the events calendar)

We need to know your current postal address, email and callsign (or just name if not licenced). Phone number is optional

Note that personal information you provide is considered to be confidential and will not be made public

Member $30
Student concession $15 (for persons in full-time study, under 25)
Family concession $10 (for persons in the family of a full member
(example with partner member and one child member, subs = 30+10+10 = $50)
Distant (DX) concession $15 (for persons resident >100 km from Lismore Post Office)

NOTE: The membership year runs Jan 1 to Dec 31.
If joining part way through the year, the fee will be a pro-rata amount as below.

The pro-rata rate for new joining fees (2023) is as below – 

Fee tableJanuary        $30
 February     $28
 March          $25
 April             $23
 May              $20
 June              $18
 July               $15
 August          $13
 September   $10
 October        $8
 November     $5
 December    $3

To receive the SARC weekly Newsletter you DO NOT have to be a member, it’s available to all.
Simply send your email address to  with <please subscribe me> in the subject line.