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20m (14MHz) 3-element yagi high quality US made. Boom length approx 6 m, gamma match, PL connection . $50 pick up or can deliver to Lismore-Ballina area or club. (element ends are in another bundle not in pic)

5/8 vertical antenna for 10 or 11m bands, fully adjustable to length. With 3 radials. Brand unknown. $35 pick up or can deliverlocally.

Coaxial cable, new. Belden 9913 double shielded, 1/2 the loss of RG213, uses the same connectors. Suit permanent installation as it is fairly stiff due to solid copper centre conductor. $3 metre.

MFJ-1040-B HF pre-selector. with low noise amplifier, eliminate problems with strong out of band signals, boost weak signals, ideal for SWL, SDR receiver. $95. like new in box. Pick up, deliver local or post.