Featuring ham radio gear that has recently hit the market.


Fans of the US brand have been kept waiting for the new top-of-the-line K4 transceiver. There have been long delays, partly due to Covid-19 affecting parts supplies,but the company says the first shipments are scheduled for September. The price is not yet known, expected to be around the $4000 US mark. The rig will appeal to many with its uncluttered Elecraft style and functions.

You can download the Introduction to the K4 here

NEW 20W HF SDR Transceiver

A new low power SDR rig has hit the market. Its the Xiegu G90, available locally at Tecsun Radios Australia, for $740. For details go to the Xiegu website.

Another QRP compact HF radio!

There has been a spate of new QRP radios coming on the market over the last few years, with the Elecraft KX2 and KX3, and the new Icom IC-705 at the top of the pile in terms of features. Now there is a new one, the Discovery TX-500, from 599Labs. We don’t know anything about this company, their website only showcases their new HF/6m compact SDR. It is supposed to be available in fall 2019, so presumably it is from the USA and will be available in our spring, ie soon. Price indications are around $700 USD.

Pic from the 599Labs website