The International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is an annual event attracting nearly 500 registrations for operations throughout the world. In 2019, SARC activated Cape Byron AUS0006 and Ballina AUS0001. SARC participation for 2020 has not yet been announced. The event this year runs from 0001 UTC 22/8 to 2400UTC 23/8 (48 hours).

The Byron crew (as VK2MNM) operated from next to the Lighthouse keeper’s cottage. They were Reg VK2MNM, Roger VK2LRB, Neil VK4HNS (a keen parks activator), Bruce VK2VA and Annette VK2FUSE.

The Ballina crew (as VK2DLR) operated on the Saturday from the nearby water tower, as there was a wedding at the lighthouse park. On the Sunday they operated next to the lighthouse. They were Duncan VK2DLR, Paul VK2PMG, John VK2JWA, Dave VK2ZDR, Lachlan VK2FOOD, Brian VK2FMAN and Brian VK2BRH.

Also, our southern neighbours, the Clarence Valley Amateur Radio Group activated Clarence Head lighthouse AUS0013 (as VK2CLR).

Byron crew also used a vertical antenna, with Reg’s ‘go box’.
At Ballina – JWA, PMG and FMAN

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