A SARC team of 4 headed out on the weekend to Girard State Forest for the Tenterfield Endurance Riders Club event. We set up a base station with VK2DLR and VK2FOOD, and 2 checkpoint stations, CP1 ‘Crossfire’ with VK2AMT and CP2/3 ‘Lohses’ with VK2ACD.

Riders were met with on and off drizzle for the Saturday 20Km and 40Km rides, and all went well with no incidents. Then steady rain set in overnight, making for a cold damp camp, and after awakening at 0500 for the start of the 80Km ride, the news came that the rest of the event was cancelled due to slippery track conditions.

Comms were on 2m FM. There were occasional problems with fading in the wet conditions, but overall things went well. Thanks to the SARC team for another successful, albeit shortened event.

Lismore 70cm repeater back in operation


From Ross, VK2ARD – Today (2nd May) I had a visit to our repeater site at Parrots Nest & installed the refurbished 70cm repeater(439.950), the repeater requires a 123 tone for access & now has a repeater controller attached to it for expansion in the future, a link to Grafton is on the cards.

A big thanks to Graeme & Tony in Grafton for their efforts in bringing this frequency back online, the system is a Unilab that has had some substantial work done to it, a re-tuned diplexer looks after the single antenna for TX & RX.Thanks to John (VK2YLO)) for his help today installing the gear. A sweep of the antenna revealed that the SWR on both TX & RX is below 1.2:1. Initial reception reports are good

Malanganee repeater work commenced

Construction is underway for the new SARC 2 metre repeater VK2RNR at Hogarth Range, near Mallanganee. ACMA has approved the callsign with the downlink frequency 147.050MHz, 600KHz positive offset, plus a 70cm band frequency for linking to the 2m Lismore repeater at Parrots Nest.

ROB VK2ELH tying reinforcement bars to the slab mesh. There are 3 deep holes for each tower leg attachment.