SARC is looking for persons to fill the following vacancies –

  • Treasurer – basic ability with organising and reporting on club finances, no software involved.
  • Dawn Patrol Net Controllers – we need persons from the local area to do one day a week running the 80m net at 0700 Monday to Thursday. A good 80m station is required, such that you can hear and be heard by most of the participants.

Contact the committee if you are interested

SARCFEST cancelled

There will unfortunately be no SARCFEST for 2021, due to the Covid virus situation. It was anticipated that this might happen and with outbreaks reaching ever closer, it is too risky to go ahead. The club has a lot of equipment for sale and this may be made available via the website ‘For Sale’ page and also on VK Ham classifieds. Stay tuned.

6 metre repeater back on the air, Thursday net has recommenced

The 6m Lismore repeater is at last back in operation. On-air tests have reported good signals from all around the local area. The frequency is 53.550 MHz with a 1 MHz negative offset. A CTCSS tone of 123 Hz is required. The Thursday night 6m net is back on, starting at 1800 hrs. For now, meet on the Woodburn 2m repeater then QSY. Please call in!

Club subscription rate to fall for 2022.

At the August general meeting, the subs rate for 2022 was set at $30, down $10 from 2021. The DX rate will be half the full rate, at $15.

Gold for SARC in Field Day!

OK well they don’t give out medals, but the club has taken out first place in the multi-operator portable 24 hour section of the winter VHF-UHF field day. Operating from Vista Point QF69FU, on frequencies from 50 MHz to 2.4 GHz, the team achieved a massive score of 103,909 points. An amazing effort from Graeme VK2QJ, Pat VK2FAAD and David VK2JUB.

SARC members working from home also scored impressively.

In the highly competitive 24 hour 4-band section, Paul VK2AMT 1st, Dave VK2ZDR 3rd, and Dave VK2CDG 5th.

In the 24 hour single band section, Chris VK2ACD 1st

In the 8 hour 4-band section, Duncan VK2DLR 5th.

And the club portable station also had the longest distance verified contacts on 50, 144, 432 MHz, 1.2 and 2.4 GHz.


The set up at Vista

Graeme VK2GJ working 23cm and up.

Temporary shutdown Lismore 70cm repeater

Due to an equipment failure, the 70cm repeater on 439. MHz is out of action, awaiting a replacement. It seems the controller section of the Yaesu DR-1X repeater has failed; we will be installing a Unilab unit in its place.