A club team went out on the weekend to provide communications assistance for the Tenterfield Endurance Riders Club held at Girard State Forest. Present were VK2ACD, VK2AMT, VK2ARD, VK2DLR, VK2FOOD, VK2WSR and partner Julie.

The set up at the ride base had a new antenna arrangement on a very high pole which worked very well, 5×9 plus into the checkpoints despite there being a lot of forest in the way. Ross took a drone pic on Saturday, and a few hours after this there was no spare room at all.

The Saturday was a fine calm day with only 2 shorter rides, but come Sunday and a sometimes vicious cold westerly came in. Getting up at 0200 to cover three longer rides was not a pleasant experience

VK2WSR Jeff and partner Julie traveled from Coonbarabran to take part, and this
was their first time to operate as base.  VK2DLR Duncan took a back seat
and watch as they performed.  Jeff operated the radio with skills
developed on previous enduros and from running SARC nets.  Julie shone
as the tally sheet operator. The tally sheet was usually up to date
within minutes and any errors caused by wrong numbers noted early and
often after an analysis that provided likely solutions.

The organisers were again most grateful for the help of SARC, the event could not go ahead without safety comms from checkpoints.

The set up at ride base, vertical antenna on very tall pole
P aul’s set up at CP3
Lachlan VK2FOOD and rider assistant Sue trying to keep warm at combination checkpoint ! + 2


The results are out for the 2023 John Moyle Field Day and SARC has won the WIA Presidents Shield for the highest overall score, with club members also doing well as home stations.

VK2SRC 1st Portable 24 hour Multi-op VHF Phone and President’s Shield

VK2AMT  1st Home 24 hour All band Phone

VK2ZDR 5th Home 24 hour All band Phone

VK2XI 6th Home 24 hour All band Phone

VK2DLR 1st Home 24 hour VHF Phone

VK2ACD 4th Home 24 hour VHF Phone



The Lismore repeater on 146.800 MHz is back on the air. following a major upgrade.

The receive antenna is a new BA40-41-P quad folded dipole with excellent gain and full omnidirectional coverage from the top of the tower.

The receive antenna is the existing SMD-2 folded dipole on the side of the tower. Both antennas are fed with 5-50 Heliax with very low loss.

The work was done by Karera Communications who have offices around NSW including Ballina. Reception reports so far are glowing. Thanks to Ross VK2ARD for organisation.

The VK2RSC tower, with the new quad folded dipole 2m RX antenna bright and shiny.