WICEN has national frequencies allocated in the Australian Amateur Band Plans, and some frequencies in the commercial bands. The Amateur Band Plans are voluntary agreements, relying on amateur self-regulation. Thus WICEN does not have any exclusive claim.

Also there are allocations for IARU Emergency Operations, to be used as a centre frequency for traffic in Region 3. This region covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, China and the Indian sub-continent. These would be typically activated in major disasters such as floods and tsunamis.

WICEN  is able to use 2  frequencies around 5MHz, allocated nationally by ACMA, and some frequencies on commercial segments allocated to the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association  (since WICEN (NSW)  is a specialist squad of the VRA.)

WICEN (NSW) also holds a number of repeater licences and associated frequencies, for both fixed and portable locations. WICEN (NR) has a 2m/70cm trailer-based portable repeater.  We do not presently have a fixed repeater.


IARU Emergency
80m 3.600 3.600 CW, LSB
60m 5.102     5.355 USB Commercial transceivers only
40m 7.075 7.110 CW, LSB
30m 10.115 CW, USB
20m 14.125 14.300 CW, USB
17m 18.150 18.160 CW, USB
15m 21.190 21.360 CW, USB
12m 24.950 CW, USB
10m 28.450 CW, USB
6m 53.150 FM Simplex
2m 145.20 Packet
70cm 433,80 FM Simplex
23cm 1294.8 FM Simplex
13cm 2425.8 FM Simplex



VK2RAC 147.125 147.725 NR Wicen
VK2RAV 147.125 147.725 Statewide
VK2RWS 147.125 147.725 Statewide
VK2RAV 147.150 147.750 Statewide
VK2RAV 147.175 147.775 Statewide
VK2REP 147.175 147.775 Statewide
VK2RWS 147.175 147.775 Statewide
VK2RAV 439.525 434.525 Statewide
VK2RAF 439.925 434.925 Statewide


VRA Frequencies

WICEN can also use the following VRA frequencies, all USB.          2.800  3.882  5.264  7.485 MHz

Only commercial transceivers may be used. Amateur callsigns are not to be used on these frequencies, I/D as ‘WICEN  + location’.

WICEN NR Handheld frequencies

This is a list of frequencies programmed into WICEN NR dual-band handheld transceivers (Baofeng)

146.500 simplex national call
146.525 simplex call secondary
146.550 simplex
146.575 simplex
146.675 repeater – 0.6MHz tone 123 VK2RCV Grafton
146.800 repeater – 0.6MHz tone 123 VK2RSC Lismore
147.175 repeater + 0.6MHz VK2REP WICEN portable
147.250 repeater + 0.6MHz VK2REH Woodburn
147.275 repeater + 0.6MHz VK2RAP Acacia Plateau
438.675 repeater – 5MHz  tone 123 VK2RPL Mt.Nardi
438.800 simplex WICEN
439.000 simplex national call
439.875 repeater VK2RAH WICEN portable
439.950 repeater – 5MHz tone 123 VK2RSC Lismore



Photo below: Setting up the WICEN (NR) portable repeater, near Byron Bay.wicen 70cm repeater set up h hill