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Celebrating 100 Years of WWV (item from the Elecraft newsletter)

An icon of the shortwave bands, WWV, the world’s oldest continually operating radio station, will have been licensed 100 years this fall on October 1, 2019.  The Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club and the WWV ARC will host a special event amateur station commemorating the 100th anniversary, call sign WW0WWV, operating from September 28 through October 2.

The site is directly adjacent to the 6 HF antennas of WWV,

and close to the WWVB 50 kW 60Hz antennas, so the RF operating environment is hot.  Plans are to operate up to 4 stations simultaneously on 160 – 10m, and a 5th station for special group contacts, as close to 24 hours as possible for 5 days.

They are still looking for volunteer operators to join them at the end of September.  Please visit http://WWV100.com to learn more and to complete an operator application.   They are also accepting donations if you can’t be there in person but want to help with the effort.

“The WWV Centennial committee approached Elecraft because of their radios’ robust front end which will perform well in the rich RF conditions, and Elecraft’s unmatched performance. It’s also great that Elecraft is an American radio company – fitting for the celebration of an American scientific icon.  We’re so happy to have Elecraft’s support.”, said Centennial committee member, David Swartz, W0DAS.  Elecraft is supporting their efforts by providing four KX3 transceivers and four KPA500 amplifiers.

Interest in WWV has grown since the pending shutdown of the station announced last summer.  After the budget impasse was settled, WWV was given full funding through the current fiscal year.

WWV Timecode Generator
The importance of WWV to radio history and the emergence of the communication era can never be overstated.  The amateur radio community can celebrate another 100-year milestone this fall, and at the same time help spread the word about this unique and important service, and what it still contributes to science and society today.  

Elecraft will be there to help make it happen!