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atomicNote change of Christmas lunch date


All welcome. A big day. Clubrooms open from 0900,.

WICEN Northern Rivers meeting starts 1000 hrs. Then proceed to ‘The Spotted Pig’ cafe for lunch at 1130. Followed by a SARC committee meeting back at the clubrooms, scheduled for 1400 hrs.

The Spotted Pig is at the corner of Bruxner Highway and Alphadale Road. Coming from Lismore, on the Bruxner Hwy, go past the Richmond Hill Road turnoff (to SARC), the next road right is Alphadale Rd, a bit less than 1km. Take care here as it is a potentially dangerous intersection.

See their website –  thespottedpig.com.au

Get google view here  Google map

WIA REFORMS?  What’s happening

On Sunday Nov. 20, some SARC members viewed a video (via You Tube) of a presentation by WIA directors VK5PAS and VK6AS. Some important matters that was made clear, were-

(1) that these two directors are not associated with the WIA reform group, despite the group often quoting them and

(2) that there are two separate calls for WIA general meetings, one from the reform group to sack 4 directors, and the other from the two directors to have a full audit done of WIA finances and operations, at cost of around $30K.

For information on the reform group, go to  http://wiarg.org

To see the presentation by VK5PAS and VK6AS to the EMDRC go to –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ic9UVXhG7A


Following on from the kitchen and toilet improvements, attention has been paid to the main meeting area.  A heavy duty shelving unit has been fitted in place of 2 of the old library cabinets, to hold shop items. The old shop table has been moved to the patio. The TV/education monitor is now on a wall-mounted swing-arm and the shelf unit it was on has gone. The end result of all this, is a lot more clear space.

Other changes are – the replacement of the fluoro tubes with LED units and the provision of downlights over the main table. Also installed is a new wi-fi unit, which when fully implemented will give members linking to their devices.

The exterior of the clubrooms is also up for some changes, including moving antenna towers and landscaping around the back.



Left – new shelving with items for sale



Right – President Ross VK2ARD explains the plan for the outside of the clubrooms.


DIGI NET CONTINUES, but more participants wanted

Tune in Monday evening 2000 hrs to the Lismore repeater 146.800 (123 tone required). Net control Paul VK2PMG takes call-ins, then all QSY to another frequency and mode for the digital net.  The net has been experimenting with a variety of modes, including SSTV.  Late news – from Dec. 5, the digi net may move to Thursday, to avoid clashing with a new State WICEN HF net.

To take part or just listen (eg for F calls) you need to install a multi-mode digital comms program such as fl-digi, which is downloadable free from here.  For SSTV, we suggest using MMSSTV,  free download here. 

You also need some kind of computer to radio interface. This can be as simple as an audio cable from the radio to the computer, using the computer’s sound card. However, a dedicated interface is better, some new radios have this built in to the rig itself. The Tigertronics Signalink unit is probably the most popular interface on the market.

Also see the short introduction to fl-digi under the resources menu of this (SARC) website.


Membership subs are due January 1, but you can join the club at any time. The rate is $40 for membership in 2017 and if you join part way through the year, the payment is pro-rata. If you live more than 100K (by road) from Lismore, you qualify as a DX member at half the normal rate. Download a form for renewal/new membership here.

Members receive discounts on most ship items and are covered by WIA/club insurance while attending club events.

For full details of how to pay subs, go to  here.

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