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Wicen (Northern Rivers Region) will be conducting a field training exercise in conjunction with the Jackadgery and Clarence Endurance Horse Riders on the weekend of 28&29 October.
We’ll be providing radio support for their event in the form of progress and welfare reporting as riders pass through two checkpoints.  The event takes place just south of Grafton with most of the ride within the Bom Bom State Forest.  The first riders will start at 0600 Sunday and should finish by mid afternoon.  The course is relatively flat and compact and shouldn’t present any special radio challenges.  The plan is to arrive on site Saturday lunchtime, set up base and checkpoint operations.  That will allow plenty of time for some digital and image transmission field tests to take place.  Event traffic on Sunday will be handled in the traditional voice and message handling way.



The old yagi at the clubrooms has come down, replaced by a new home-built hex beam. Now just waiting for connection of feedline and rotator control line, and we are back in business on HF from the club shack.

Winter Field Day – big show by SARC members

The results are out for the 2017 Winter VHF-UHF Field Day, and SARC members have done very well. First places went to –

VK2GJ  24 hour portable single-op       VK2BBR  24 hour home 4 band

VK2TTL  8 hour home 4 band       VK2FAAD  Top F call

Ballina Marine Rescue visit

Saturday 23rd September saw 10 SARC members arriving at the new Ballina Marine Rescue building for a tour, presented by Bernie Wills, VK2WJ, who is one of their radio operators.

After an introductory session, we went upstairs to the ‘lookout’ room with panoramic views to the ocean and up the river.
Bernie showed us how the fairly sophisticated radio system operates. The radios themselves are all together in a rack cabinet, while the operating interface is a computer screen. The system works with the ‘Marine Rescue’ app for mobile devices and is linked to Sydney HQ, with all transmissions being automatically logged. There are also stand-alone back-up radios for VHF and 27MHZ marine channels, in a desk mount box.

On the day, there was little action on the water, with windy and choppy seas.
After seeing the nerve centre, we went back to the meeting room for a question and answer session, where there was discussion on interesting technical and operational topics. All in all, a fine day out; thanks go to Marine Rescue Ballina for allowing us to visit, and especially to Bernie for suggesting we visit and doing the presentation.

Pics- left: the new building

right – Bernie showing back up radios

below – SARC group being shown the computer system


About 50 people took advantage of a clear blue sky to come along to SARC’s “Show, Tell & Sell” day.  Our good friends from the Clarence Valley were there in strength as were our northern neighbours from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The day was promoted as a chance to catch up with old friends, make new ones and have a good yarn. No repeater time outs, no band fades but a good bit of QRM from everyone else having a good time. With the telling part of the day being handled by everyone; the showing part consisted largely of two digital stations set up to talk to each other.
Chris VK2ACD, Paul VK2PMG and Duncan VK2DLR sat down with curious individuals and gave them some insight into how the stations operated. Nothing beats face to face, hands on learning when it comes to the mix of hardware and software available today. Dave VK2ZDR showed just how small and economical a Raspberry Pi can be a computer system. A handful of people doing the telling and a handful were doing the selling. The star seller had to be Darren VK2AUX who kept things moving in SARC’s bargain basement.  Darren worked on the principle that the only way to make the basement floor visible was to keep the bargains rolling. Glad to see some of that stuff go to good homes because most of what’s left will head for the great e-waste trailer in the sky. The handful of private sellers in attendance seemed to have a good day also with a lot of gear changing hands.
Special thanks to Elizabeth “E2R” (Mrs. VK2DLR) and Lachlan VK2FOOD for superb catering that gave us the strength to talk a bit longer and take ‘just one more look’ at the goodies on display. A very good day out indeed. Our thanks to those tireless SARC members who work quietly in the background to make days like this happen. They are the magic that makes SARC special.
(de Duncan VK2DLR)


Tune in Monday evening 2000 hrs to the Lismore repeater 146.800 (123 tone required). Net control Paul VK2PMG takes call-ins, then all QSY to another frequency and mode for the digital net.  We are now using the Woodburn repeater 147.250 for liaison. The net has been experimenting with a variety of modes, including those for text, images, forms and file transfer.

To take part or just listen (eg for F calls) you need to install suitable programs.  A very popular one with a wide variety of modes is FL-Digi, which is downloadable free from here.  For SSTV, we suggest using MMSSTV,  free download here. Another program the group has been using for sending images is Easypal, which is capable of excellent results under the right conditions. Download here.

You need some kind of computer to radio interface. This can be as simple as an audio cable from the radio to the computer, using the computer’s sound card. However, a dedicated interface is better, some new radios have this built in to the rig itself. The Tigertronics Signalink unit is probably the most popular interface on the market.

Also see the short introduction to fl-digi under the ‘technical stuff’ menu of this (SARC) website.


Membership subs are due January 1. The rate is $40 for membership in 2017 and if you join part way through the year, the payment is pro-rata. If you live more than 100Km from Lismore, you qualify as a DX member at half the normal rate. Download a form for renewal/new membership here.

For full details of how to pay subs, go to  here.  The preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer to the club’s Summerland Credit Union account.

To receive the SARC weekly Newsletter you DO NOT have to be a member, it’s available to all.
Simply send your email address to  moc.liamg@crs2kv with <please subscribe me> in the subject line.