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SARC activates Cape Byron and Ballina for ILLW

The club this year again activated lighthouses at Cape Byron (AUS0006) and Ballina (AUS0001). Go to the club ILLW page for all the details.

SARC at Cape Byron 2019 Wire antenna on a squid pole

Decisions from the General Meeting

The August general meeting of members has decided to keep the annual subscriptions at the same rate of $40, and ‘DX’ membership at $20.

CLUB PROJECTS – Various proposals were put forward for expenditure from available funds. No.1 priority will be the completion of works at the Lismore repeater, which will include replacement of old transmission cables (Heliax), chain wire fencing to encompass the building and tower, and installation of the 23cm repeater. Cost estimate just under $6000. No.2 will be removal of a dangerous tree and landscaping works at the clubrooms, cost yet to be determined. No.3 will be to complete work at the Byron Bay repeater, a few hundred dollars required.

Beam work completed at clubrooms Sunday 28th.

OK, this was not work on a yagi – VK2’s KWW, ACD, DLR, FMAN, ZDR and PMG completed the tricky task of replacing a timber beam on the north side of the ‘patio’. It had been half eaten away by termites and has been replaced with a tallowwood beam. There was a lot of careful measurement and cutting involved and some work to cut through nails. We used an acrow prop to support the roof while the old beam was removed. Later, there was some cleaning out of the shed gutter which was doing more of tree propagation than drainage.

Left to right – ACD, ZDR, DLR (high), PMG (low), FMAN lifting the new beam. (pic by KWW)

Moyle certificate arrives

The WIA certificate for the 2019 John Moyle conest has arrived. We are running out of wall space to display them!

The club team – VK2QJ, VK2FAAD, VK2FDJB

SARC tops the list for the Field Day

The VK2SRC team has achieved the highest score in the winter VHF/UHF Field day, taking first place in the portable, multi-operator, 24 hour section, with a score of 54,566. SARC also achieved the longest distance contacts on 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm.

Congratulations on another top effort under very cold conditions at Vista Point. The operators were Graeme VK2QJ, Dave VK2CDG and Pat VK2FAAD.

Other SARC member scores were –

Chris VK2ACD 1st, Home, 24 hours, single band 4424 points

John VK2JWA 2nd, Home, 24 hours, single band 338 points

Dave VK2ZDR 6th, Home, 24 hour, All band 6989 points

The set-up at Vista Point

SES looking for communication specialists from SARC

Representatives of SES and SARC met recently to discuss a new SES unit to be formed on the Northern Rivers.  Rather than SARC members being recruited as message handling radio operators, this unit is looking for members who want to increase their technical knowledge and put their skills to good use.  SARC endorses this new concept and asks that any interested members check the details at the links below. Some of our members who have seen the letter are very interested.  If you decide to join, please let SARC know and we’ll put you in touch with other like minded individuals so you can support each other. SARC will not be formally involved with the unit but will support our members who join SES.

More on SES Visit at SARC

During the SES visit, we were able to inspect the new SES ‘Cell on Wheels’ vehicle (COW for short. This is an IVECO 4WD light truck, with on-board diesel generator, clark mast, hydraulic lifting rig, various radios, and 4 complete repeater systems. Thanks to Peter VK2PF for organising this.

SES Northern rivers Region Co-ordinator Mark Somers shows the COW to Duncan VK2DLR, club president.

The COW’s number plate, very appropriate for ham radio.


To renew or join, check the information page –



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