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Here is some of the news from the December 12th Committee Meeting –

A successful xmas do was held at the clubrooms, breaking even on costs.

A Rigol spectrum analyser has been purchased, principally for use with our repeaters. A training session is to be organised for using this. We also have a Textronix 100MHz digital storage oscilloscope, courtesy of the estate of Ian Cousins, VK2AIK.

We now have an independent internet connection, with a Telstra NBN router, and soon a phone number.

A large quantity of radio equipment and parts has arrived from the VK2AIK collection. It is likely much of this will be for sale at the next SARCfest.

There was much discussion about the structural problems with the clubroom building, principally in relation to widening cracks in the north wall, and also the ongoing risk of termite invasion. Dealing with this could involve substantial remedial work or the possibility of a major upgrade of the building. Duncan VK2DLR had prepared a list of desirable inclusions for any upgrade.

Organisation for operation at the Evans Head Fly-In was kicked off. Personnel will be VK2ACD (event organiser, with KWW, PMG, DLR and LRB). We will be setting up on Friday January 10, about 1200 hours.

Fencing enclosure of the Lismore repeater site will be planned and costed by DLR and ACD in January.


As at 29 November, all the feedlines have now been brought in via the wall bulkhead and new Heliax has been installed. The internal lining can now be completed. Also, the link antenna has been installed, but the link is not yet operational.

Ross, VK2ARD working on the antennas. In the top right of the pic is the 2m RX (L) and 6m RX (R).


It’s been a long hard process but the 2M repeater VK2RBB (146.625MHz, -600 offset, 123 tone) is back on air. The final step took place last Thursday when Rob VK2ELH, Kris VK2KWW and Duncan VK2DLR went up the hill and the cavities, freshly tuned by Graeme VK2QJ were installed. A few connections and checks and the repeater was switched on. Within minutes Roger VK2LRB at Crabbes Creek called in and reported an excellent signal. Soon after John VK2JWA reported full scale reception in Ballina. Since then it’s
been triggered by many stations in all directions. The link radio to VK2RSC is also operational and waiting on some work at the southern end.
This project has been led by Rob VK2ELH for over 5 years and taken countless hours of work by Rob and the team. New hut, new solar and new antennas were some of the milestones along the
way. Each step took many hours of hard work. The weather was not always kind. Solutions had to be found to get the new hut safely on the site. The mast had to be lowered, new antennas fitted and
safely re-erected. The pay-off for all that hard work? The joy in the voices of operators to the North and and East in particular who can now talk to us on 2m after 7 years of silence.

  • edited report by VK2DLR
Duncan VK2DLR at Byron Bay repeater, on the pole – 2m TX antenna and 70cm link yagi.

SES looking for communication specialists from SARC

Representatives of SES and SARC met recently to discuss a new SES unit to be formed on the Northern Rivers.  Rather than SARC members being recruited as message handling radio operators, this unit is looking for members who want to increase their technical knowledge and put their skills to good use.  SARC endorses this new concept and asks that any interested members check the details at the links below. Some of our members who have seen the letter are very interested.  If you decide to join, please let SARC know and we’ll put you in touch with other like minded individuals so you can support each other. SARC will not be formally involved with the unit but will support our members who join SES.


To renew or join, check the information page –



To receive the SARC weekly Newsletter you DO NOT have to be a member, it’s available to all.
Simply send your email address to  moc.l1576302275iamg@1576302275swenc1576302275ras 1576302275 with <please subscribe me> in the subject line.