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Subscriptions are now due for 2017.  Go here for details on how to pay.

 AGM done  on 40 degree day

15 hardy members and one dog attended the clubrooms on a sweltering day for the 2017 AGM, Sunday Feb 12. The committee was slightly changed, with a vote being taken for the 3 general positions, since there were 5 candidates. There are vacancies for Treasurer and Publicity Officer – volunteers wanted!   Go here for the committee list.


Go here – SARC Forms and brochures


At the recent meeting, Chris VK2ACD presented a draft new constitution. This has come about due to the introduction some time ago of new legislation for Incorporated Associations, and the need to ensure compliance with this.  Also, the old constitution has numerous amendments, so a consolidation has been on the cards for some time.

The meeting discussed a number of issues and some changes were made to the draft. The updated version can be downloaded here -SARC draft V2 new constitution

A summary of specific important issues can be downloaded here  SARC constitution preamble

IMPORTANT - Comments from all interested parties should be forwarded to the secretary (Paul VK2PMG) before the next committee meeting on 12th March. The committee will consider all submissions and prepare a final draft, and also set a date for a Special General Meeting to vote on the adoption of the new constitution. Postal votes and proxy votes may be made at this meeting.


Under development is a 23 cm repeater, assembled into a custom built case, by Geoff VK2AGC. Also the WICEN ‘parrot’ repeater is being trialed from the clubrooms on 146.575 FM simplex. Send a transmission, and the parrot will repeat it back to you. Present output power is about 50W, you will need to get a reasonably clear path due to low height of the antenna.

23cm Rptr_sml23 cm repeater in rack mount

Icom and Yaesu transceivers with control unit in centre


The weekly SARC email newsletter now comes as a pdf attachment. The new editor is Dave VK2ZDR, taking over from John VK2JWA, who has done the newsletter for umpteen years – probably since the invention of email  :-) See the bottom of this page for how to subscribe.


The weekend of January 7-8 saw SARC at the Great Eastern Fly-In. We set up at the old canteen building opposite the main apron, with receivers monitoring the CTAF and aerobatics frequencies.  Also we had a small information display. The weather was unhelpful most of Saturday with shifting showers keeping the lighter aircraft away. By Sunday it had cleared and a large number of aircraft had flown in to accompany the warbirds. By lunchtime it was blue sky and puffy clouds and the place was humming with people and planes.

The only noteworthy radio event was the accidental key down by one of the parked aircraft, which effectively wiped out the CTAF for local aircraft for about half an hour. SARC plans to build some direction finding airband antennas in case of a future need for a ‘flying fox hunt’.


Pic: Warbirds on the main apron,’including this fan-jet fighter-trainer.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks to the SARC members who set-up and manned the operation – VK2ARD, AGC, ACD, DLR, LRB, PMG, ZDR

DIGI NET CONTINUES, but more participants wanted

Tune in Monday evening 2000 hrs to the Lismore repeater 146.800 (123 tone required). Net control Paul VK2PMG takes call-ins, then all QSY to another frequency and mode for the digital net.  The net has been experimenting with a variety of modes, including SSTV and JT65.

To take part or just listen (eg for F calls) you need to install a multi-mode digital comms program such as fl-digi, which is downloadable free from here.  For SSTV, we suggest using MMSSTV,  free download here. 

You also need some kind of computer to radio interface. This can be as simple as an audio cable from the radio to the computer, using the computer’s sound card. However, a dedicated interface is better, some new radios have this built in to the rig itself. The Tigertronics Signalink unit is probably the most popular interface on the market.

Also see the short introduction to fl-digi under the ‘technical stuff’ menu of this (SARC) website.


Membership subs are due January 1. The rate is $40 for membership in 2017 and if you join part way through the year, the payment is pro-rata. If you live more than 100K (by road) from Lismore, you qualify as a DX member at half the normal rate. Download a form for renewal/new membership here.

Members receive discounts on most shop items and are covered by WIA/club insurance while attending club events.

For full details of how to pay subs, go to  here.  The preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer to the club’s Summerland Credit Union account.

To receive the SARC weekly Newsletter you DO NOT have to be a member, it’s available to all.
Simply send your email address to  moc.liamg@crs2kv with <please subscribe me> in the subject line.