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WICEN (Northern Rivers) is the local region of WICEN (NSW) Inc.

We are a volunteer group comprised of licensed amateur radio operators who provide emergency communications
and communications assitance for other emergency services and a variety of community events.

WICEN operates as a specialist support squad of the Volunteer Rescue Association, providing recognition
through the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989 and the State Rescue Board.

Our main activites are:

  • To support organisations who are operating events, often in remote and difficult terrain.
    These include charity walks and runs, horse enduros, car rallys, canoe races and bush navigation exercises.
  • To provide trained operators to assist emergency services such as the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the State Emergency Service (SES)
  • To provide emergency communications in times when the public infrastructure such as phone networks degrade or fail.
  • To provide practical training and exercises in fixed and portable radio communications for the above purposes.

​WICEN (NR) draws its members mainly from the Summerland Amateur Radio Club. We use many of the facilities of the club, including the clubrooms and the VHF/UHF repeaters.


Please contact us via email at    ua.gr1553387422o.nec1553387422iw.ws1553387422n@sre1553387422vir-n1553387422rehtr1553387422on1553387422

Alternatively, in writing to:

The Secretary,    WICEN NR,   412 Richmond Hill Road,    Richmond Hill    NSW 2480


Membership is open to any person, and subject to the approval of WICEN (NSW).

WICEN personnel also become members of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association. There is no extra fee for this.

For more info go to http://www.nsw.wicen.org.au/join-wicen where you can download a membership application form.
Note that a passport size photo is required as members are issued with a VRA card and lanyard. The membership fee is $15 per annum. This is due on April 1, the start date of the financial year for WICEN.

PLEASE NOTE:  Payments should no longer be made to the local WICEN account, since it is likely that the region will be closing down on April 14th, 2019.

WICEN NR DIRECTORY current until 31/03/2019

Regional Coordinator:  Duncan Raymont VK2DLR moc.d1553387422nopgi1553387422b@tno1553387422myard1553387422

Deputy Regional Coordinator: Chris Meagher VK2ACD, ua.gr1553387422o.aiw1553387422@dca21553387422kv1553387422

Secretary: Paul McGuiness, VK2PMG, *protected email*

Treasurer:Duncan Raymont, VK2DLR, moc.d1553387422nopgi1553387422b@tno1553387422myard1553387422

ABN  87 539 529 136


Emergency Management Australia – Comms Manual DOWNLOAD HERE

Update – Comms Manual ACP 121(I) 2010 DOWNLOAD HERE


WICEN (NR) runs a 2 metre net on the 146.800 Lismore repeater, every Tuesday at 8pm.
The first net of each month starts on 80m, usually on 3.604 MHz LSB and then switches to the repeater after all have had a say.