BOOK – Radiotelegraph and Radiotelephone Codes, Prowords and Abbreviations   By John Alcorn VK2JWA

This book is available as a free download for personal use only, by courtesy of the author, approx 7.5 Mb pdf format. Extracts may be published provided attribution is given.  The document must not be made available for download on any website or other medium.

Download here:   radiocodes – by VK2JWA

Note from Chris VK2ACD: The book is also available in hard copy, by mail order from  Please note that John receives no payment from Lulu.  At $25 + GST + postage, in my humble opinion, a better option would be to print it yourself, or go to a local print /copy place like the Xerox shop (in Lismore, North end of Keen Street.)

The Lulu web address is –