The Summerland Amateur Radio Club Inc. is a NSW incorporated association – number INC9874412 of 10/05/2000. The club’s ABN is 33 691 883 608.

Who are the members?
We are primarily amateur radio enthusiasts. Full members are licensed amateur (“ham”) operators, with an official callsign issued by the licensing authority of the country in which they operate. Associate members are non-licensed persons with an interest in radio and electronics. Ages range from school-age to old-age. There are as of November 2016, 65 financial members. Most come from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, but we do have some ‘DX’ members from interstate and overseas.

Where are we ?
The clubrooms are at 412 Richmond Hill Road, Richmond Hill, about a 10 minute drive east of Lismore. We use repeater sites near Lismore, Byron Bay and Woodburn.


Coverage Area
The club services the North East corner of NSW, extending roughly south to Yamba and Grafton, north to Byron Bay, west to Tenterfield and east to the Pacific Ocean. A number of members come from outside this general region.

Informal gatherings on Sunday afternoons from about 1300 hrs. Committee Meetings are held on the second Sunday each month unless changed to avoid other events. The usual start time is 1300 hrs. The club also hosts meetings of WICEN Northern Rivers Region, which are held every two months.

​The club shack
At the Richmond Hill clubrooms we have a solar-powered radio room. This has transceivers for HF and VHF.
There are two antenna masts, one holds a multi-band beam, the other holds various verticals, HF dipoles and small beams.

The club has a library with collections of amateur radio and electronics magazines and reference books. These can be scanned at the clubrooms directly on to a thumb drive. We also have a small lab for equipment testing, and a basic workshop with various mechanical and electrical tools. The club shop offers a range of consumables and surplus gear for sale.

What do we do ?
The club promotes and supports ham radio activity in the Northern Rivers region. We are affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia and a numbers of members are also active in WICEN. See the HISTORY page for background on the club origins. Repeaters are maintained on 6m, 2m, and 70cm. Most activity centres on the clubrooms at Richmond Hill, but there are also a number of field operations throughout the year. Regular nets on HF and VHF/UHF keep members in touch and may focus on particular topics of interest.  SARC also promotes ham radio by providing courses for those seeking to obtain or upgrade an ACMA licence.  Apart from meetings, there are social events and practical activities such as construction days.